Personal Trainers

What to Expect from a Personal Trainer Workout

If you're thinking about hiring a personal trainer then it helps to know what you can expect from a typical workout session. Here are a few tips to help.

When and Where to Train

There is no fixed rule when it comes to when and where you train with your personal trainer. For example, many people choose to opt for regular (such as weekly) workout sessions to help meet goals and start seeing results. However, others may opt for monthly sessions, and some may only need one or two before continuing to exercise on their own.

You should be able to see results no matter where you choose to train. Some people will train at the gym, others will train at home or outside. This depends on convenience, though you may also need o factor in fees for using the gym.

The main limitations include the fact that personal trainers will usually have their own workday schedule which you may need to discuss with them.

Nutrition and Lifestyle

Different trainers have different knowledge and styles when it comes to dieting and other advice relating to your lifestyle. In order to see results, your personal trainer may suggest that you change your diet in certain ways. However, they will not necessarily enforce any advice they give you, or make you give up things that you don't want to.

Most personal trainers will ask questions about your lifestyle, especially when you first start working together. This not only has an impact on meeting your goals, but it will also influence how much time you have to work towards them and how the personal trainer needs to develop your workout routine. Questions could include your exercise background, what you eat, whether you have any medical details and similar information.

A Typical Training Session

Training sessions will often last for an hour, but this depends on what you've worked out with your trainer. Before you can get started with your first session you may be asked to go through certain physical tests to ensure that workouts are safe. This is especially important in the case of any pre-existing illness, condition or injury. Your trainer may want to see a doctor's certificate before you get working.

Once you do start your sessions, they will usually begin with a short warm-up. Then you will go through your main training program. This can vary according to your fitness levels and goals, and may change each time. Your personal trainer will let you know exactly how to perform certain exercises safely, as well as helping you if required. Workouts can include strength, flexibility and cardiovascular exercises.

Throughout any workout your personal trainer will watch you, guide you and give you feedback if you need it. This will help to make sure that you are consistently working towards your goals, and that you start to see the results you want. At the end of the session you will need to cool down and relax.

Sessions will always differ from trainer to trainer and from client to client. Usually you will be given the opportunity during your first session to gain a better understanding of what will be expected of you each session, and how quickly you might expect to see results. However, nothing is guaranteed so it's important to work closely with your trainer to keep tweaking your workouts as you go.

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