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Want to Get Fit? Run the Marathon!

Do you want to be fitter than you have ever been in your life? Do you want to feel healthier than ever with boundless energy and fit more life into every day? Why not try running a marathon?

Before you dismiss this as the craziest idea you have ever heard, think carefully about what it can mean. Most people have tried various forms of exercise and given up after a few weeks. The endless grind of working out with no real objective can quickly lead to you becoming disillusioned and bored. The trick is to have a specific goal in mind and what better than running a marathon. Here's how you can do it.

First, get a health check from your doctor to ensure you have no underlying health problems. Assuming you pass this check, then it's time to start thinking about running the marathon. There are hundreds of events all over the world and no matter which country you live in, you are likely to find several that will be held each year. Don't just enter the first one you see. The training will take several months and some marathons are easier than others.

Try to choose one that will take place in about six month's time and which is predominantly run on level ground. One way to select an easier event is to look at the times in which the event is usually completed. The faster the times the more likely it is that the course is relatively easy. Some websites list the country's events in order of assessed difficulty.

So let's assume you have chosen your event. It's now time to start training. Beginners often feel that this means they have to run a marathon distance regularly but this is not true. If you are generally unfit then start with rapid walking for 15 minutes a day with one rest day a week. Gradually increase this time and by the third week start slowly jogging. Now increase the time each week again by 5 to 10 minutes and by the time you reach the twelfth week you should be able to slowly jog a half marathon distance. Vary the times such that you run between 15 and 30 minutes each day with a single rest day. By the twentieth week you should be running 15 to 30 minutes each day, with three such runs on every third day and including a 60 minute run on one day. Always include a rest day each week.

Run the Marathon

The training should continue up to the twenty fourth week and then it's time to run the marathon!

Take your time during the race and pace yourself. Enjoy the event and take in all the sights and sounds. You will feel very tired around the fifteen mile mark and this is the point where you need to dig deep and keep pushing on. It won't be long before you join the hallowed company of marathon runners the world over. Don't underestimate what you have achieved, some people have run marathons at over 70 years of age and whatever your age it is a significant achievement.

The side effect of this is that you will be fitter than you have ever been and feel great. You may never want to run a marathon again but you will keep running and, at the same time, build a fitness level that will transform your life. You may also find that you want to do it all over again in a different event in six months time!

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