Personal Trainers

Where to Find Your Personal Trainer

If you've decided that a personal trainer is the right option for you then there are a number of ways to go about finding personal trainers in your area, with the experience that you require.


This is perhaps the best way to go about finding a personal trainer, since you know that their past customers were happy with the results. You can simply ask around your friends and family to see if they know anyone who made use of a personal trainer. Bear in mind that you may have different requirements, but this is usually a great place to start.

Your Gym

It's also a good idea to ask at your gym. When you sign up you may find that some gyms offer personal training as part of the membership fee. It's important to understand just how many sessions will be included.

When you're exercising in your gym you may also see personal trainers working there with clients. If they look free for a minute then why not have an informal chat with them about their services? There won't be any obligation, and it's a great way to find out a little more about them.

Searching Online

The internet is also a great place to search for potential personal trainers. Check online classified ads for your area, and you may find a number of individuals looking to find new clients. They should give a certain degree of information in their ad, or you will need to get in contact to learn more. Make sure you do this never hire a personal trainer without understanding their experience and qualifications.

There are also a number of online personal trainer directories to help make the search easier. Just input your local town or postcode and you should be shown a list of nearby trainers.

The internet could be a great way to find low prices when it comes to hiring a personal trainer, especially if they are just starting out in business. However, don't always be tempted by the lowest price. It's important to do your research into each individual trainer. See our section on 'Choosing A Personal Trainer' for more information.

Talking to Personal Trainers Directly

No matter how you first find out about them, it's always important to talk to potential personal trainers directly before you sign up to their services. When using a personal trainer as part of a gym membership, this may be difficult but you should ask for a list of all their personal trainers before deciding.

No matter where the personal trainer is advertising, they should always have the time to answer any questions before you get started with your training.

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